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... morning it was 12degF. Then it warmed up into the mid-40s. And the foot of snow that we'd gotten at our house began to melt, especially when it began to rain. I began to envision that our driveway would become one big slick shiny rail of ice.

Last Night

... the rains continued, as did gusty winds. The driveway was sloppy, but the temperature stayed in the 40s all night, so the melting had plenty of time to work. At 3:33am I woke up when the humidifier stopped and the UPS next to me hooked up to the clock and the network stuff beeped -- but only for a long second. Never got serious enough for the backup generator to switch on.


... the temp in the 40s continued. You can see the sand and gravel in the driveway, except in the semi-flooded low spot, and the melting should continue all day. They were talking about partial sun, but other than seeing a bright spot of murk peeking out as I headed south out of Grand Rapids, it hasn't done so down here in K-zoo. Kalamazoo had less snow than we did and it is rapidly going away. More rain this afternoon.

But Then

... sometime tonight a cold front is going to come through with temperatures dropping down to 15degF, and perhaps 3-5" of snow. Oh and winds gusting to 50 mph. Now if we get enough melting, the wind may dry the pavement and parts of our driveway, and this thaw will be fairly complete. Otherwise it's going to ice up and tomorrow will be a skating rink.

I am sure that there will be those who will be happy to see January rid of in West Michigan -- they tend to forget that in Michigan, February is the longest month. (grin) And extra special long this leap year. (double-fun-grin)

Dr. Phil

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