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BTW- When I said I lost my entry, I should point out that most days I trust computers as far as I can throw them... and I have a bad back. So usually (but of course not now) I write up the HTML code in Wordpad and paste it in. What I was missing when I closed the wrong window, was I had pasted URL's directly into the Update Journal entry, so the Wordpad version wasn't quite up to date. Look, Ma! No hands...!

Eventually It Will Fall Off Your Arm

Anyone who sees me wandering around knows that I usually carry too much crap with me. And the one "important" thing is not a man-purse, it's what I call a "technology bag." (Hey, I see you snickering over there...) Digital camera, cellphone, PDA, Victorinox Swiss Army Knife and Swiss Army Card, etc. The black bag itself is a Case Logic product that I've had for several years. Actually the same bag was marketed to hold portable CD Players and the Iomega ZIP-100 drive, but with different model numbers.

Alas, after years and years of use, the zippers have been going bad for a while -- staggering to realize how long one can "use" a zipper that is either missing critical teeth or has lost both its zipper pull and the front part of the attachment point -- and the stitching holding one strap in place started tearing just the other day. So when the main zipper jammed and came partway off its track before coming home last night, it was time. Time to pull a CD player out of its Case Logic case and swap things around. Gave me an excuse to pull the excess junk out of there, too, and now it's functional and light again. Hoo-yah! And I think I may still have a third Case Logic case in this form factor for an old ZIP drive, so in five years...

Flotsam and Jetsam

The weirdest thing I found in the old bag, was in the bottom of an outside pocket, underneath a bunch of old receipts, there were two pieces of petrified McDonald's french fries. Now, I have no idea how long ago I might've eaten McDonald's french fries where they could've fallen there -- years probably. But that was odd.

Runner ups included a gold-toned silver dollar (I'm not going to try to spell Sacajewea without looking it up) and a ten-year-old voter registration card.

Cheap Can Be An Expense

It sure feels like they shut down the AC in my building on campus earlier these days. No doubt it saves money, but once the air begins to feel like it is devoid of most oxygen and it all gets sticky and my boxes begin to smell like humid cardboard -- it's probably time to think about wrapping this up and heading home. And potentially earlier than I might've otherwise. So much for getting productive value for one's money.

The NPR Scary Doom and Gloom Report

Last night on the long drive home, there was yet another story about a possible environmental catastrophe which We Don't Know What It Means Yet. This one was about a lack of plankton in the Pacific Ocean off the West Coast. Normally one gets upwelling, where fertilizer rich cold water from the deep is pushed up to the surface by colder waters coming down from the north, and creating the bountiful plankton blooms for many sea creatures to eat. But very little this year. Kind of an El Nino effect, I believe they said.

They went on to talk about how some of the rockfish and other things out there live to be over a hundred years old and one year isn't a big problem. But right at the end of the story, when I tuned the radio out to concentrate on merging onto the highway and all, they mentioned how this was like the third year this has been going on...

Hello!? I keep noting this little things and have notes to start an end-of-the-world story. Two actually. One is about this guy who works for FEMA or some other government agency, who keeps thinking up these terrible disasters in order to justify his job and write up possible strategies -- only then they come true..., and another along the lines of I didn't worry about the loss of the frogs... or the fish... or the trees... until...

It's what happens after the ellipses that'll be the fun part. Along with hoping we aren't on a dying planet.

Dr. Phil

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