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Oh Well, Now This Is Interesting

Land of Snow...

Huh. For the first time even, I got snowplowed this morning. I mean, sure, we get snowplowed all the time and when we lived in the U.P., one had to sometimes dodge the plows coming up and down Iroquois Street in Laurium while one worked on scooping the "driveway". And down here I've had to back away from the road while scooping to avoid being buried by a plow. But today was different.

I have a rubber tie-down strap with two hooks, which I loop around the handle of our Rubbermaid rolling garbage can and set the hooks in the trailer hitch so I can drag the garbage out to the road as I start on my Wednesday commute. I had just set the can in a snow bank when I looked down the road and could see a snow plow barreling down the road casting quite a lovely curved plume from its blade. No way I could make it back around the Blazer with anything other than getting in, closing the door, rolling up the driver's window -- it's always cracked open even in the coldest weather so I can hear outside noises -- and backing up about 20 feet down the driveway.

It was pretty spectacular. The snow was white and fresh and light. I think I now know what surfers must experience riding under the curl of a wave, so I can cross that off of my To Do list (grin). The bow wave made the garbage can rock in place, but there just wasn't the volume of heavy dense snow to tip it over, thankfully. And the arcing plume of snow fell up against the driver's window and windshield, pouring off like water. And coming and coming... it took many seconds for all the snow to fall out of the air. It was quite an experience.

... and Ice

Despite the brilliant sunshine I had for much of my morning commute, I have to agree with Kevin Richards who does the traffic reports on the radio, this may've been the worst morning for roads this round of storms. The temperature in Grand Rapids actually dropped down to zero from 6am to 8am. I took 84th Avenue down to M-45 and I kept the speed slow, about 30 mph. As I pulled up to the intersection at M-45, I noticed that just east of the intersection lay a sedan with its headlights on pointing west in the snowbanks on the wrong side of the road. Huh. Guess someone was going too fast and slid across the road.

After I turned onto M-45, I saw another car, some kind of sports sedan, spin out of the westbound lane, cross in front of me and plow into the snow banks short of the corn field. With the light fluffy white snow already mentioned, it looked spectacular. But again, some idjit was going way too fast on a slick road surface. I know I had a big assed dual-rear wheeled pickup truck riding my back bumper all the way into Allendale. Guess he didn't appreciate my 35 mph in a 55 mph zone, weather and road conditions be damned.

This was actually the first spin-out I've observed this winter, which is pretty amazing considering the number of cars I've seen in the ditch or were mentioned in the traffic reports on the radio. Thankfully, I doubt the drivers of either of the cars on M-45 were injured -- though with traffic behind me I did not stop and back up along an icy shoulder to check -- and also that no one else spun-out and into me.

Hope the sun helps dry out some of these roads, so my late drive home tonight is uneventful as well.

Dr. Phil

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