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The Clarion Deadlines Approach

Just In Case You Had Nothing To Do This Summer...

I've been so busy spending my days driving through bad roads and getting my website up, I wasn't quite paying attention.

The deadline for applying to this summer's Clarion and Clarion West workshops is coming up Real Soon Now -- Saturday 1 March 2008. This is a whole month earlier than it's been in the past, probably one of the reasons I didn't know the deadline was creeping up.

What's a Clarion workshop? It's a remarkable six week experience for science fiction and fantasy writers, a bootcamp for writers if you will, where you can have a chance to do nothing but eat and breathe writing -- there's not much chance for sleep. I attended the 2004 Clarion workshop and it was amazing.

If you've ever wanted to get serious about SF/F writing, this is one way to really try it out. (grin)

Info on the Workshops Here:

Clarion (29 June - 9 August 2008 in San Diego CA, formerly in East Lansing MI for many years)

Clarion West (22 June - 1 August 2008 in Seattle WA)

Clarion South (4 January - 14 February 2009 in Brisbane Queensland AUSTRALIA)


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