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Sunday Slush-O-Rama

Didn't We Do This Last Weekend?

And the weekend before? It's been raining since yesterday. Actually, a bit of sun poked out for a while this afternoon, but the rains are supposed to return and eventually turn into snow. Snow 1 to 3 inches on top of icy and slush. Another 1-3" of snow tomorrow. The driveway is a soggy and sloppy mess, with some parts open down to gravel and others with ruts six inches high.

Did I mention it was nearly 50degF outside?

The stuff last week came down too fast at times we were unable to completely scoop the whole 250-foot driveway. 4WD has helped keep a path open during the week, but it's going to bad in the morning. I did go up and down the driveway a couple of times to try to break through the ruts and help melting and drainage, but couldn't figure out why there seemed to be a hard jog go to the left and to the right while trying to go straight up by the road.

Damn You Kids, Stay Off Of My Lawn!

Oh, that's right. It's the snowmobilers. Somehow they interpret their right-of-way rights as extended fifty or more feet onto our properties and into our trees, without ever once asking, of course. Anyway, there are now two icy tracks across the driveway and both are causing the wheels to bounce as one tries to make it to the road. Back up at the house, looking down the driveway, you can clearly see the two different trails make ridges across the driveway.

Silly me. I always thought my driveway was for MY OWN FUCKING USE and not for the PLAYTIME OF ASSHOLES. (sigh)

O Joy

We'll see what the early morning road conditions are tomorrow. If the roads are bad, I'm canceling class again. Already told them on Friday to be careful on Monday. Never had problems like this in the U.P., where winter had the good sense to stay cold all during January and February.

Dr. Phil

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