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I Enjoy Watching Other People Work

While that statement is probably too true, it's doubly enjoyable when the other person is working on your property. As I've probably mentioned, we didn't exactly move out into the country in order to maintain some sort of House Beautiful garden or maintain a PGA-quality greens and putting surface. Let us say that our yard is "undisciplined."

Bumblebees As Far As The Eye Can See

This year the front yard is particularly unruly -- there's some sort of really tall (getting nearly eye-level) weeds with blue-purplish flowers which this morning was all the rage with the bumblebee set. I like bumblebees. They're big, they buzz, they pretty much leave you alone. Unlike all those nasty wasps, hornets and yellow jackets, who just act like they got up on the wrong side of the bed this century. We've got those too, though somehow I don't quite see them in the numbers as last year. Happy to let the bumblebees enjoy the weeds while they can.

Mow 'Em Down

We've got a young man in his mid-twenties, the son of someone my wife knows at work, doing some landscaping for us. Two weeks ago we had the great tree cutting/chipping extravaganza. When we first looked at this house, I counted 122 pine trees leftover from a failed Christmas tree farm. We've lost some every year for over ten years, but the suckers which remain are getting huge. And overcrowded. And some will have to be lost to the utility right-of-way. But this fall we intend to start planting stands of new pines so we won't be bereft of any trees -- or all the birds they house -- when the bulk of the trees reach the end of their shaggy existence.

This weekend he's going to start carving some paths around the house. And we need more wood chips than we got from the dead, dying and inconvenient trees. So my wife, who passes by the Allendale True Value hours earlier than I do, has been buying lots of things. A wheelbarrow, a roll of gardening fabric, and many cubic yards of bark and a load of stone -- that stuff got delivered this morning.

Really is nice to have people with the right tools, like a big ol' dump truck, come and deliver big quantities of things. And having someone else to haul them around and distribute them when the time comes.

My back feels oh so much better for all that.

But We're Saving Money

Don't know how long this has been going on, but True Value has some sort of card/tag rewards program and my wife figures we're already earned our first $20 rebate. Cool.

Stores come and go with these programs, made all the more insidious these days with the linking by computers to names, addresses, demographics and buying habits. Grocery stores were doing keychain tags and cards for many years, but in the last couple of years our local stores have given up on those programs and just offer more in-store specials.

It's Still Hot

Our house cooling program hasn't been as effective the last couple of days, what with the midnight outdoor temperature still in the low 70s, and often not all that much cooler at 6am. What wimps we are, for not wanting to sweat through the night on sticky itchy hot sheets.

Oh, but it isn't about "us." It's all about the electronics, which last longer and perform better if we can keep them cooler.

Yeah right.

You know what's really unfair? At home and at work I have indoor/outdoor digital thermometers, with the outdoor probe stuck inside a computer case or back where the exhaust fans blow. When the weather gets hot like this and they get cheap at the university, I can have the office room temperature higher than the ventilated computer cases. No sun or lights shining down on them.

That's just not fair. (grin)

Dr. Phil

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