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A Prize in the P.O. Box!

WOTF Coughs Up

Well, after six years Writers of the Future finally got me a prize. What? Oh no, has nothing to do with my writing. I just the other day read on the WOTF blog that my Q1 2008 entry placed as an Honorable Mention, so no prize winner there -- not that I sneeze at Honorable Mentions, mind you. No, this has to do with a mini-contest that contest administrator Joni Labaqui ran and I was one of several people who had a correct answer. So I asked for a copy of the last WOTF anthology, XXIII.

I never win anything, so this is fun, this is good.***

Dr. Phil

*** Actually, I've won a couple of books from mini-contests on people's blogs. Possibly my best win streak ev-ah. (grin)
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