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Following Tuesday's adventure with snow and furnaces, the lake effect snow warnings/watches not only didn't end at 3pm as they were supposed to, it was still pretty white-out-ish heading towards evening. Wednesday's forecast was for 6-12" of more snow here and they extended lake effect snow warnings into Kalamazoo, which is one county removed from Lake Michigan.

Didn't happen.

Wednesday dawned and although there was still some ice, my morning commute was mainly in brilliant sunshine with bright blue skies. What bright light breaks over yonder trees?

Finally, Part I

The break in the weather and the clearing skies meant that Wednesday night, those of us in West Michigan could actually SEE the total lunar eclipse. Quite a number of my PHYS-2050H and PHYS-1800 students this semester caught the event.

Go Solar System!


Got a joint mailing from the USPS and the FTC in the mail today, both at the house and the P.O. Box in town. Seems the postal people and the Federal Trade Commission have teamed up to warn postal patrons about identity theft. A worthy thing to warn about, actually. But...

One of the things they want to warn us about is the danger of theft of those pre-approved credit card offers. Uh-huh. You mean the thousands of those suckers which clog our mail? The ones we had to buy a shredder for and probably could use a "pre-approved credit card offer"-burning stove to heat our house with? Those? And what are you going to do about that, Mr. Postmaster General? You're the ones who helped cause the problem by providing sweetheart pricing for bulk mailers. As opposed to what is going to happen in May 2008 when you raise the First-Class postage rate. Again.

Finally, Part II

Today, Thursday, was the first day in a LONG time with two trips to and fro WMU which were both just about in the minimum time. Yay! Okay, so technically the morning drive had sections on the freeway that were more like 65 mph than 70 mph, but it was a good clean drive with no problems and no one sitting in the ditches on either side of the road.

Bombs Away

Interesting that on the drive home I kept seeing cars which otherwise looked clean suddenly dropping huge chunks of white snow from hidden places underneath and smashing all over the road at 55 to 70 mph. Very similar to what the horse was doing in the pasture just south of 100th Street in Kent County... (grin) Snow poop. From cars.

Gotta love that West Michigan weather.

Dr. Phil

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