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Where Does The Time Go?

And Like That, It's Gone...

Spring Breaks come, Spring Breaks go. Amazing when you are working at home and not on the road that a break week -- even longer with that silly Spirit Day extra bit -- just evaporate. Of course, I spent a good chunk of the week as chauffeur while we arranged to get the 1994 Blazer's door handle repaired, which I was happy to do for Mrs. Dr. Phil. Rather nice to get to drive to/from work again for a while. (grin)

Then there were MidTerm grades. Last year WMU began to open up the online grading system to use for MidTerm grading. Nice to be able to offer that for the students, but the grading period runs all the way through Spring Break, which means that people like me will be doing grading during break. So that was all of today and a good chunk of yesterday.

Play Date

Though GVSU and WMU actually have the same Break Week again this year, Mrs. Dr. Phil's job doesn't give her the week off. So she's taking Friday off and we'll play hookey together, probably go out to see that British bank heist movie opening tomorrow.

Play Date For One

This afternoon, once I was done grading and then scanning some paperwork and emailing PDF attachments to people in lieu of driving 154 miles round-trip to drop forms off in offices, I popped out to an OfficeMax down near Rivertown Crossings. Needed an Osram 12V 20W two-pin miniature halogen bulb for a lamp. Amazingly, they had a GE bulb in stock with exactly the right specs and for only $4.99. Cool. Some HP Inkjet paper to keep us in paper copies and Mrs. Dr. Phil's grad school papers and printouts. And more odds and ends in office supplies.

Some time ago I wrote about having to buy paperclips for the first in my life ever -- and now I had to buy more. Almost used up a plastic "tin" of 40 small binder clips. At OfficeMax they had an assortment, with 20 mediums, 40 miniatures and 40 micros. But kind of like those boxes of assorted Band-Aids, those micro binder clips may be cute, but if you need one that small you might as well use a regular paperclip or a staple. Just saying. So I bought some mediums and some smalls. And a pen. Can't have too many pens lying around the house.

I've been using an odd-man-out 8MB Sony Memory Stick to transfer scanner images from the HP 3-in-1 downstairs to the Sony VAIO laptop upstairs. Decided I didn't want to worry about how much memory was left, so found a SanDisk Ultra II Memory Stick PRO Duo 2GB with adapter on sale. I don't actually own anything which uses the Memory Stick PRO Duo form factor, but in case one comes along, I'm ready. Some people complain about Memory Sticks, but I like them -- and own a number of Sony objects which also use them.

And One More Thing

FINALLY got a chance to swing buy Joe Chicago's Pizza and bring home a large stuffed sausage, mushroom, black olive and roasted red pepper pizza. Oh, seriously yum. Yum, yum, yum.

And now I get to write a story tonight.

I guess Spring Break ain't all that bad. (grin)

Dr. Phil

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