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DST 2008

Tonight we'll jump directly from 2am to 3am here in the Eastern Time Zone as we go from EST to EDT. Early. Again. Sigh.

The whole point of Daylight Savings Time is, of course, to save Energy. After all, DST 2007/2008 was part of the Energy Bill the other year. The idea being that it will be more light in the evening, allowing us freedom to do all sorts of things in the sunshine that we couldn't do at that same time otherwise.

Just think of the possibilities. Gardening. Sunbathing. Washing the car. Sitting on the deck and read a book. Have a backyard barbeque. Mow the lawn. Uh... wait. It's MARCH. In MICHIGAN. Our yard and driveway are still encased in snow and ice. And what isn't snow and ice is thick, soggy mud. And the overnight temperature was 14degF and the highs are around freezing.

It will be WEEKS before one could plant flowers, mow lawn, sit outside and read a book. It's even too crappy for most of the cross-country skiers and most of the snowmobilers.

Plus the twenty-four hour clock is a zero-sum game -- you can't get an hour extra of daylight in the evening without trimming off an hour of daylight in the morning. So for the next couple of weeks it will be dark out at the road for the kids waiting for the school bus. And we'll still have all the lights and heat on in the morning -- and since we won't be outside enjoying that Saved Time, we'll be inside with the lights and heat in the evening.

Exactly how much Energy is this idiocy going to save? I suspect somewhere between ZERO and "we're going to use MORE".

Morons. Yeah, and I'm talking to the local West Michigan Congressman who proposed this turkey.

Dr. Phil

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