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No Spoilers Here

I am sure that there are places on the Web which insist on ruining people's fun... but this isn't one of those sites. There are times and places for making reviews and commentaries with spoilers, but just because I spent Sunday reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, doesn't mean I desire to impinge on your reading.

The Known Quantities

We find out what and who this Half-Blood Prince business is all about. And J.K. Rowling herself revealed that "someone" was going to die -- and someone died.

That's it. That's all you need to know.

What happens in and between all these pages is much more of what we've come to love and enjoy about spending another year at Hogwarts. The main trio of Harry, Ron and Hermione are sixth year students and they continue to be teenagers. Oh what angst. For children who have older brothers and sisters, it will seem familiar territory. For us "old folk", it's reliving the sometimes painful past. (grin) Otherwise, it's a learning experience for all.

The End Is In Sight?

There was a t-shirt available when I was in college with the quote: If You See A Light At The End Of The Tunnel, Order More Tunnel.

J.K. Rowling says that this is a seven-book series, corresponding to the seven years it takes to get through Hogwarts. But wait! This is Harry Potter 6! Gulp. Can it be we only get one more story? One more chance to get all these tangled loose ends sorted out?

It's hard to believe. And the accounting matrix keeps getting messed up with the movie count, which is at Harry Potter 3, with HP4 in November.

I think the tunnel analogy is important here. Can't Rowling send Harry to graduate school after book seven?

Where Does It All Come From?

My wife, who re-read HP4 last week and HP5 this weekend as her pre-lab for HP6, was wondering aloud where she comes up with this stuff. Specifically she was complaining about the idiots in the bureaucracy of the Ministry of Magic. And it occurred to me, that in HP6, I am quite sure that some idiot in Real Life is going to complain on Harry Potter being some sort of whiny liberal commentary on current events.

Puh-lease. Even if it were, it's still a great children's series. And no, I don't think it is, other than blowhards of all political stripes tend to get too full of themselves and think that everything is about them, them, them. Instead there are just great story archetypes which show up in every generation.

So I shall shut my eyes to some of the things on the Web. Neither spoilers nor whacko complaints.

But you can wake me in a while when enough people have gotten through the 6.9 million copies shipped or sold so far in the U.S. alone, and we can meet to have a nice civil discussion of Harry and literature.

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