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More Quality Control Issues

Mea Culpa

Right after I'd posted my entry the other day on quality control issues and shut down the laptop for the night I realized that I had included one item I was going to rant on later and forgot another I had planned on including. So, now that I have another issue, I can at least go back and correct the latter. (grin)

The Most Useless Voicemail Message

When I got to my office this morning, the little message light on my phone was lit. I've discussed before that the campus voicemail system hates me and that I never know how old the message might be. So having a voicemail message is always an adventure. Playing the message I got a woman's voice in mid-blather about something to do with insurance and a helpful comment that if I did not want to be included in these offers anymore, I should press "9" and follow the instructions.

Okay, first of all, you idiots messed up big time with having a recorded robocall calling a voice mailbox. Worse, your system didn't stop to pause while the university's voicemail system and my greeting message were talking. And it certainly didn't bother to wait for a beep. As a result, I received absolutely no information from this message and I couldn't even begin to tell you what it was about.

Second, basic phone message etiquette suggests you repeat the name and phone number at the end. Not that I care one twit about who this call was from or what it was about anyways, since as a part-timer I have no insurance relationship with the university.

Third, pressing "9" in the middle of the playback of a voicemail message is decidedly NOT going to do anything useful. It is certainly not going to dial back the robocall machine and get back into its switchboard.

Sheesh. Inspires a lot of confidence in an insurance company when they swing and miss so badly. (triple-redundant-grin)

Extra Wide

The other day I noticed there was a half-inch wide crease running down the middle of the current toilet paper roll. Somehow the paper got folded during the manufacturing process -- a clear quality control issue. (double-folded-grin) Unfolding this pleat made the sheets of toilet paper (a) about an inch wider than usual and (b) therefore rectangular. Not sure if there's a pressing need (pun not intended) for extra-wide toilet paper, but it's strange that it looked very odd. You deal with something like t.p. every day of your life and with one little change, it takes on a new characteristic and looks "wrong."

One wonders if t.p. rolls are sold by weight or number of sheets.

Dr. Phil

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