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Geeks Of The Universe Unite!

Taking The Geek Test

Really not much of a hardship. Got this via 2004 Clarion classmate albogdan.

84% Geek

Just to check on biases, I re-ran the quiz as a girl. It's the same questions, except that it kept on re-asking some of the earlier questions and answering them kept driving up the Geek-o-Meter, with the rather unrealistic result that:

118% Geek

So, being a Geek, I re-ran the girl quiz again, but this time in a different browser and got exactly the same result as when I ran it as a guy:

84% Geek

The Geek Answer

Obviously there's a coding or data error in the first girl run -- maybe if I looked at the source code and the error logs for you... (grin)

Dr. Phil
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