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The Entropic Life

Everything Falls Apart

Eventually. It's the way of things. It's why we replace thing, expand, do maintenance. Sometimes things work out timingwize, and somethings things get creative. So... with one week left to the semester, this was the week for Entropy to rear its tangled web of... tangles.


For some time the 1996 Blazer has gone CLUNK when I've started going forward under power. This is a known thing -- my old '79 Suburban had bad universal joints on the drive shaft which eventually had to be replaced. Key on the word "eventually". I'd hoped that I could put off the U-joint work til the break between Spring and Summer I. Alas, on Tuesday the CLUNK disappeared and I got a new disturbing chattering grating sound. U-joints ready to shred apart? I made it through the day under reduced power and didn't get any more noises, but running on borrowed time is not the way to drive 154 miles a day. (grin)

So we managed to drop it off Wednesday morning at Chevy and they replaced two U-joints. Also two broken stabilizer links and got me some new front brakes. And an oil change. Back to driving.


Then there's the university e-mail system. Thursday I logged in and got a pop-up window saying that I was using 249% of my disk quota. Okay.... and? There was no message saying my account was about to be locked or I'd be losing e-mails. Particularly sucks this time of year, what with expecting e-mails from students and finals shortly.

So I cleaned up some files, and when I logged in I still was told I was using 243% of my disk quota. Hmm. Now I really don't think that between Wednesday and Thursday I hogged so much disk with my e-mails that I tripped some threshold, and having 112MB of e-mails covering about a decade doesn't seem so unreasonable, so I sent a note to the Help Desk. This morning there was a note that said that somehow some accounts might've reset to small quotas and I'd been reset again.

I have two responses: (1) Right... (2) Okay.

Up? Up? Up, please?

Friday morning at the gas station I went to run the driver's window back up -- I always have it at least cracked open so I can hear things going on outside the vehicle -- and at first the power window didn't want to go up. I tried it again and it went up. Huh. Tested it later and it was intermittent. Great. Wind and rain and parking lots -- and I might end up with a window partially rolled down?

Okay, this would be bad, but actually there is a simpler explanation than having a bogus switch or wiring which needs immediately repair or a trip to pick up some plastic sheeting and duct tape. Thursday I drove home in a tremendous heavy rain storm with high winds. I actually had to go into 4WD in order to reduce how much the gusting wind was shoving the front end around. So having enough "damp" around which might cause problems until the defroster could dry it out -- not only seemed reasonable but the system seems to be fine now.

Final score is Entropy - 1 Time Served - 2. All in all, that's an okay week.

Dr. Phil

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