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It's finally the last week of classes and as usual, it's a rush of stuff to do all at once. Plus extras. Taxes was one. And the Spring Meeting of the Michigan Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers (MIAAPT) was another. And later this week we've a departmental picnic and a retirement party for the assistant chair, which means I don't get two evenings for writing or other work. (grin)

Sometimes Things Just Work Out

One big pile of grading that I just haven't had time to do was lifted away from me today as my one grader is back from a maternity leave. Not that I'm delighting in dumping work on a woman with a newborn, per se, but the agreement was that in exchange for grading I'd take her lab in the second half of the semester, plus I also picked up two lectures in the same class as the lead professor was off at a conference. It also means I'm not up to my armpits in trying to do grading tonight, while Mrs. Dr. Phil is off to her evening class and then to do her time with the Library's 24-hour special hours this week -- she'll be home around 3:30am. Bagel, the orange cat, starts getting pushing around 10 or 10:30pm when she's not here. Fortunately I just exhausted him somewhat with a laser pointer. So he's back annoying me, but he's tired now. (double-effort-grin)

About half of my Honors Physics class ended up with a conflict for the scheduled Final Exam time. No, they were only taking one class which meets on Mondays at 11am, but they have an 8-10am engineering final up at the Parkview campus and there's no way to get down to the main campus by 10:15am. So... I checked the Registrar's schedule and figured we could also use the time slot for Tuesdays at 11am, since we meet five days a week. It moves the final from Thursday at 10:15am to Wednesday at 10:15am, and everyone seemed okay with that. Happy to accommodate.


I knew I had a few more things I was going to go on about today -- I'm behind in posting. But I think I'll leave it here. G'night!

Dr. Phil

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