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Why We Live Here In West Michigan

A Lovely Day

And nothing really scheduled. So we went for a drive to take care of a couple of errands, but it kept on "expanding"...

So Let's Go To A Book Store!

Drove all around the northern side of Grand Rapids to Schuler's Books on 28th Street. The poor people trying to making it through the construction zones on US-131... they were backed up into I-96, but move into the left lane and we slide on by. 'Bye...

Haven't been to the 28th Street store in some time. The rebuild of the 28th Street bridge over US-131 has meant that I've avoided that part of the roadway all summer. But my wife had to pick up a gift card her sister had phone ordered from afar, so off we went. Sometimes, you can barely get in the door before fun things reach out to you. "Buy me! Buy me! I'm a BOOK! You WANT me!"

Bruce Campbell, a legendary B-movie actor who has created for himself a second career of making fun of being a B-movie actor (If Chins Could Kill), was in Grand Rapids for a couple of events last week and they had a great stack of autographed copies of his new novel Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way, which stars... Bruce Campbell. Who can resist a signed book with "Stay groovy, Bruce Campbell"? I bought a second copy as a present for a friend coming up to his family's cottage this week.

Looked for 2004 Clarion classmate Marjorie M. Liu's second novel, A Taste of Crimson (Crimson City), but they didn't have it. Come on, Schuler's! Stock this puppy!

I also found the first book in a series where I'd acquired the second book last week at the last 2005 Clarion reading -- more on that later. (Dr. Phil is behind in having time to post or time to do any writing either, for that matter.) (grin) Then over to the cafe side and lunch. They have a half-sandwich and soup and salad deal which isn't too much food and lots of fun tastes.

Oops! Forgot to check for SF magazines... damn! Nothing new. So I bought a Trains magazine and called it good.

The Return of an Era

Roger's Department Store closed earlier this year, a real, honest-to-god local department store with service and inventory. With it, closed the finest Big-and-Tall department in the country. And as a Big-and-Tall kind of guy, this was NOT good news. But Friday's mail had a postcard announcing the first of Roger's new specialty stores, Roger's Big-and-Tall, over on East Paris Avenue -- and Friday's Grand Rapid Press had an article which showed where in Kentwood the store was going to be. Opening end of August, Grand Opening in September. Time to do a pre-lab! So after Schuler's, leaving East Beltline at Lake, then East Paris up past the shopping center where Roger's will be, and Cascade Avenue on an angle. Now turning left at the light would get me back to East Beltline, but I started telling my wife "if we turn right then Cascade should run into I-96"... and we were right there. You just can't see what's down the street when it's a lot more than a 90-degree right turn. (grin)

Southbound US-131, as we crossed over on I-96 West, was solid back up for miles -- and not moving. At least it wasn't 100 degrees this weekend. But lots of unhappy travelers.

Leonard - Near 8th Avenue (Ottawa County)

It's the end of July and the fruit season is moving on towards PEACHES! The ultimate, the best peaches we've ever had anywhere, the Red Havens, aren't up yet. But there's an old guy who has some trees and puts up a table by the side of the road and he has some other nice peaches, too. Glow Havens, maybe. Very pretty looking.

Peaches... mmmm.

Leonard - Near Eastmanville

Driving through the hills and curves above the Grand River, I saw one of the "usual" horses standing by its split rail fence. And a large dust cloud. Now it could've been dust thrown up by a dirt bike or ATV, but the horse didn't seem bothered and the dust seemed to be coming from just behind him. Getting closer, I finally saw the second horse, having a fine backrub in the dust, then flipping over and hauling itself back to its feet and then shaking some of the dust off.

Thought so... (grin)

Down 68th Avenue Back to Allendale

Our last stop would be the Allendale Meat Market to get some pork chops, but the question had come up earlier in the day, "what to have with the pork chops?" So I suggested we go on down through Allendale to Fillmore and the farm stand this one family runs and see if they had any sweet corn. They did, plus some green beans and some tomatoes. Ah, I see a tomato sandwich in my future... I like this part about summer, the one with the fresh produce and ridiculously low prices.

Home At Last

It's Saturday, it's a nice day. Nap time.

Then time to start my new book. Cubs lose. Dinner. More book. West Michigan Whitecaps lose. Damn, we can't root for anyone on TV or in person... More book. My wife got on her laptop, it was getting dark, so I pulled out my paperback-sized Lightwedge booklight and read in the dark. When she was done, she got out my regular-sized Lightwedge and we both read books in the dark until 11. The cats thought we were crazy. But then they're cats -- what do they know?

Dr. Phil

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