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The Fauna and Avis of Spring

100% Sunshine

Monday and Tuesday of this week -- not a cloud in the sky. More overcast here on Wednesday, but even warmer. Have finally cracked 70degF. Outdoors, of course. (grin) After a sprinkling of snow on Sunday, the weather crisis mavens have finally declared that Spring is here...

Crossing the Roads

On Tuesday's drive in, I had to pause and slow down just a mile from our house as a married pair of Mallard ducks decided to stroll across the road. Guess the missus felt the drainage ditch on the south side of the road was better than the north side. Maybe the shade is better. Or tastier frogs.

Later, as I headed south on US-131, I had a heron take off from the other side of the freeway, pull up its long landing gear and gracefully pull and glide over the road. Neat.

And tonight, taking the back roads at the Kent/Ottawa County border and avoiding the new Meijer's, I had just turned at the first farm and had to slow down as this lovely thick furred black kitty began to trot across the road. Three-quarters of the way across and the cat broke into a full bore gallop, diving under a big ol' tractor parked next to the barn. Then it suddenly sat down and had a bath attack. Inscrutable.

I love cats.


Don't get me wrong. I'm happy for this winter to be over. I like spring. What I don't like anticipating is warmer nights making going to sleep harder -- we like cold rooms and piles of blankets -- and the spring allergy/cold season. My sinuses already are clogging up. Call it mind over snot matter. (sn*rt)

I guess I worry too much. (double-edged-grin)

Dr. Phil

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