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April 2008 IROSF

New Issue Out

The April 2008 issue of The Internet Review of Science Fiction is available online. I've talked about IROSF before and they've recently come back from down time while they retooled their website.

What I like about IROSF is the mix of articles about genre stuff and reviews. In this issue, two of the pieces I've really liked is Daniel M. Kimmel's "Ironic, Isn't It?" A brief lesson for the satire impaired. And Lisa Agnew's "War: What Is It Good For?" Challenging science fiction writers to move beyond war.

The Me Factor

Since I write a lot of military SF, the Agnew article has a lot of utility for me. In particular, it highlighted a whole new source for me, referencing an article from the Viet Nam Generation, on how Aliens is a Viet Nam film. Or from that source, a memoir on how a unit in Viet Nam used The Lord of the Rings as metaphor as they battled the orcs in Mirkwood...

Bottom Line

Anyway, as before I'll leave with saying check out IROSF.

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