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Odd little Twilight Zone moment last night. Ended up watching three hours of Mythbusters on Discovery Channel, and at 11pm, we switched to Channel 3 to see the news... and it was stuck on one video frame. Hmm. Must be Channel 3 having troubles. No, actually, channels 6, 7, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 20, 23, 24, 27, and another dozen more channels all had frozen frames. Therefore it was the cable company.

Probably some piece of equipment at their ground station crapped out -- welcome to digital television, whether you're digital or not.

No real "plan" to those frozen channels. A mix of local and satellite networks, sometimes adjacent numbers, sometimes not -- very odd. But when you were changing channels through a block of frozen ones, it definitely felt like some sort of End Of The World scenario. Maybe more Outer Limits than Twilight Zone, since both shows had "caught between a moment of time" episodes. But if you were caught between time, could you still change the channel? (grin)

Anyways, it'd been going on for over an hour when we caught up to it, based on what was on the screens, and they didn't get it fixed until after 2am. Alas, since Cartoon Network was affected, I lost an episode of Bleach, dammit. Now I'll "never" figure out what's going on... wait, it's anime, I never will. (double-grin)

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