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Silly Ducks

No, Really... Ducks!

This morning near our house I passed three mallard ducks where the gravel shoulder of the road met the grasses -- two males and a female -- they were all huddled together sleeping. We've seen this before on this stretch of road, and fortunately we haven't observed any assholes veering slightly off the road to run over them. But surely going further into the grasses and thickets would be safer, oh please little ducks?

I wonder if they were waiting to warm up in the sun?

Progress Report On Sheep May Safely Graze

The sheep were out grazing in a field at M-6 and I-196. But today in the adjoining "practice" field they had a series of orange traffic cones set up. I guess the training of the man-dog-sheep interface system has reached a new level. (grin)

Dr. Phil

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