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We Welcome Our New Alien Postal Overlord Masters

Monday 12 May 2008 - Post Mother's Day

Today, of course, is the day that the U.S. postal rates go up. I've been trying to use the Forever stamps on SASE return business envelopes for a while, so that markets which still use snail mail reporting of rejections won't have to spend their own pennies to send envelopes back to me. (grin) With practically annual rate increases, I'm sure this is all an added expense to publishers and contests -- SASE which have ended up with insufficient postage. Sometimes through no fault of the authors, per se.

Owe, Canada

Hmmm... in 203 prior submissions, I'm not sure I've ever sent anything to a Canadian market before that required postage. I know that the Tundra Prize was all-electronic. Not sure I remember any others.

So anyway, I was faced with sending an envelope to Canada this morning.

"Happy Postal Increase Day," I told the clerk shortly after the Allendale MI Post Office opened. "I'm here to test the more obscure rates."

It was partly a joke, but as it turned out...

So the Flat-Rate Global Priority Mail Envelope to Canada was now $9.95. But I also needed an IRC (International Reply Coupon) which the people at the other end can trade in for postage to the U.S. And they hadn't gotten the new IRCs.

And this is my problem how?

Put A Stamp On It

Actually, they ended up putting three 10-cent stamps on the old IRC, after making a phone call to try and find out what to do. IRCs are not a cheap way to do business, but whatcha gonna do?

One Wonders

I checked and Canada Post / Postes Canada does have a lovely website. And from the U.S. I could order a book of six C$0.96 stamps for mailing envelopes to the U.S., if I thought I was going to do this a lot. And were I to order more than $25 of stamps, I'd get free shipping. (double-stick-grin)

But what really gets me is why do we make things so difficult with Our Neighbor To The North? Why can't the USPS and Canada Post crosslist their products? (triple-threat-grin)

Dr. Phil

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