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The Jim C. Hines Reading and Signing

Last Thursday...

... I mentioned I was already at Schuler's Books and Music on Alpine Avenue just north of Grand Rapids MI for the reading and signing by Michigan author and WOTF winner jimhines Jim C. Hines. Here's the one photo I took at the end:

That's Jim C. Hines at the right in his Official Authorial Leather Jacket, along with one lone copy of his new book Goblin War. On the far left I believe is brainstormfront, another Michigan author who has a new book coming out. Also on the left is one of Jim's brothers -- who knew that Goblin writers had families and stuff? (grin)

The signing was spoiled only by the fact that they had almost no copies of the first Goblins book and only a few of the second. That's Schuler's fault -- you got an author with a series you've got to have some copies of the earlier books. Even if the people who arrive have read up to the new book, they might actually want to buy sets for new people to get hooked on the story. Just sayin'.

The reading was spectacular. First of all, we convinced Jim to read the Acknowledgments from Goblin War, in which he speculates what his main character Jig would likely due to him, his beta readers, etc., for all the grief visited upon him in three books and a least one short story. (double-jeopardy-grin) Then on to the next book, The Stepsister Scheme coming out in January 2009, which revs up and completely upsets the fairy tales of yore -- and he's starting from the real versions, so Cinderella's stepsisters are, shall we say, not undamaged from trying on that damned glass slipper? (triple-witching-hour-grin)

A Very Favorable Crowd

Most of the people there were friends and family and people who know Jim through ConFusion or LiveJournal. So what? It sold some books, made some publicity, and gave Jim and others something to blog about.

And there were some new faces, including a mother and her teenage son whom she described as "thinking he wanted to do some writing". Jim and his merry band of hecklers I think did a fine job of talking about how to get started and what NOT to do, which is almost as important, if I do say so myself. (reaches behind to pat myself on the back)

An excellent time.

Dr. Phil

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