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Goblins? No, Gobbles!

In the previous post I wrote about the Jim C. Hines reading and signing for the third Goblins book on Thursday. On Sunday, we had a different brush with things Gobbish: During the long soaking afternoon rain, I noticed that near the low spot in the gravel driveway, pecking about, was a huge wild tom turkey. We've known there have been wild turkeys in the area since we've got here, but this may be only the second time I ever recall seeing one near, if not on, our property. Then he disappeared into our stand of jack pines.

Then at the other end of the trees a female turkey emerged, strolling along, eventually followed by the male, who kept a respectful distance of 10-20 feet away at all times. As they both passed between our house and neighbor to the west, the male was quite close. But I didn't want to spook them and besides, the windows on the south and west sides have screens, making it difficult to shoot pictures. I settled for the kitchen where there was a closed window without a screen and used the HP camera with the modest zoom lens.

We wonder if they were already a mated couple or whether this was still spring courtship, because the male would stop and slowly spread his tail display about every minute.

Eventually the pair wandered off unmolested. Didn't hear any shotgun blasts from the firearms crew behind us that likes to blow things up, so they didn't see the turkeys -- I think there's a spring season right now, though there'd be the issue of distance to houses, of course. And the west neighbor's dogs were not outside.

Very amazing thing on an otherwise dreary soggy Sunday afternoon.

Dr. Phil

ADDENDUM: Oh, forgot to mention that as I was getting the garbage can ready to take to the road this morning, Mrs. Dr. Phil spotted a lady turkey -- same one or not, who can tell? -- over in the weeds at the other end of the east neighbor's property. Could do worse than having turkeys as neighbors, you know. (grin)

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