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What? Western Michigan Makes Political News?

I don't spend a lot of time in this blog on political matters, not directly, but occasionally on the side effects, such as Michigan's swift move to have an early primary. But given that this end of Michigan is heavily conservative and Republican, it is fascinating that the day after Hillary Clinton's win in West Virginia, that rival Barack Obama chose to come to the Van Andel Arena in downtown Grand Rapids MI. The main speech was scheduled for around 7pm, they opened the doors at 5pm -- first come, first serve -- and I heard on the radio that people were lining up by 7am.

Okay, so Obama was making nice to Michigan -- a state he didn't campaign in because the Democratic Party had issue a death penalty of sorts on "our" early primary, not that it was my idea -- why not? Michigan will be a player in the national election in November, no matter whether their delegation is seated, partially seated or excluded from the convention in August.

But after I got up from a late afternoon nap, I found out that John Edwards was in town -- and he was finally making public his endorsement. And he was endorsing Obama. From Grand Rapids, in West Michigan.

Of course, some of the coverage we saw early this evening never actually mentioned where this was taking place. And from a clip during Edwards' speech, I did clearly observe a student in the background with a gray Western Michigan University athletic sweatshirt. Otherwise, there was nothing to distinguish the location from anywhere else. Nevermind. We know. We know that it happened "here".


I'm Not Sure I'd Want To Be...

... the person who had to interupt Hillary Clinton at her fundraiser in Washington DC, as the Blackberries around the room were buzzing. (grin)

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