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Another Fire

It happened again earlier this week. Despite a heavier than usual snowfall and long periods of rain early on, we had one day of Red Flag warnings and then got one wildfire near Muskegon, I believe it was. Then it rained and it was over. Again.

No, I Said R-A-I-N

It rained in the night on Thursday and we woke up on Friday for more rain. By the time I was heading down the driveway, the gravel had been soaking for hours and the low spot puddle was bigger than usual.

But by the time I into Allendale it was pouring. I decided not to stop and get out to grab a Coke and instead went through the McDonald's Drive-Thru. What genius decided that putting an overhang over the Drive-Thru windows was sufficient without any gutters? I mean, the rain coming down in torrents meant that water pouring off the roof came off the overhang and onto the center of my roof. And so despite being under the overhang, opening the window mean sheets of water poured on me. Inside the vehicle. Dumb.

So much rain in so little time... I flipped on the four-wheel-drive to stabilize on the waterlogged highway. For a while I thought seriously about pulling over and letting the rain get it over its system. WOOD-AM radio mentioned it was just "drizzling" in Grand Rapids, but noted that in Ottawa County the weather radar was showing a big patch of red rapidly moving in. That would've been my little storm.

Of course, by the time I got by Meijer's, where I could've pulled over and stopped in their parking lot, it got better. So on I drove.


Last night the rains had long stopped but the air was thick and humid. By the morning it was still gray and very windy. Should've been pleasant and we got plenty of sleep... except we were both tired during the day and by the time we had sunshine and blue skies, it was serious nap time. (grin)

Not the most productive of days. And as I write this, AMC is showing Troy, not the greatest of movies. But what the hell, it's "free" on TV tonight.

Sign of the Times

This morning I drove into town to check the P.O. Box. On 68th Avenue I saw a very shiny and lovely two-tone tan Chevy Suburban for sale: $2100 or best offer. If you have an actual need for a large vehicle like a Suburban, this is the tie to buy one used. The resale values have collapsed given that people don't like the 13-17 mpg.

I'd buy another Suburban someday. Great vehicle.

Dr. Phil

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