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Towels.... Why Is It Always Towels?

Midnight In The Back Bathroom

"Why is the washing machine still full of water?" Uh... guess it can't find the Rinse cycle or the pump is busted.

These things always happen on weekends. Called Bekins in Grand Haven MI at 9am when they opened. The woman on the other end agreed that it was "always the towels". The KitchenAid machines were bought in 2002, replacing the 18-year old Whirlpools we bought with the money gifts from our wedding in 1984. Nice to know the store still had our records -- I am tired of outfits which purge records too quick or lose them all when they change computers -- and they'll be here on Wednesday on my day off.

Meanwhile, I'll take the towels to the Crystal Flash laundromat and wash the soap out of them, then bring them home to the dryer. Wonder what a wash load costs these days? Should I even bother with quarters? (grin)

On A Clear Day, You Can Hear The Generator Hum

Actually it was pretty windy and stormy on Friday. Gusts up to 70mph, which knocked down some power lines around West Michigan. Which would in turn explain why when Mrs. Dr. Phil came home early at around 1pm to work on her grad class paper that the backup generator was running. Guess the power failed around 12:16pm and the generator ran for not quite two hours.

Mrs. Dr. Phil didn't even know the power was out at first -- having the garage door opener work at a touch of a button is no longer a clue. (grin) But when she saw the clocks blinking in the kitchen, she peeked into the garage and saw the LEDs on the automatic switch were double-red and not double-green, indicating the power was still out and the generator was running properly.

Go tech!

Maybe the power fault caused a glitch or spike which fried the controller on the washer. Or not.

None of that matters -- Friday was a good day. I was charged with bringing a stuffed Chicago pizza home from Joe Chicago's Pizza...and it was very, very good. Mushrooms, black olives, roasted red peppers and sausage.

Yes, you are jealous, aren't you?

Dr. Phil

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