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A Special Locus Magazine Offer

Hey, It's A Deal

In my posting the other day about June magazines, I mentioned the Jeffrey Ford 14theditch interview in the June 2008 issue of Locus. Now Jeff mentions that he's got a deal with Locus magazine for either just the June 2008 issue or a subscription with the June 2008 issue thrown in for free. I'm leaving the links and the details of the deal on Jeff's site, 'cause it's his deal, so link there.

Locus magazine always seems to arrive right around the first of the month -- it's gotten to be a joke around here, it must be the First because Locus is here! And then I disappear for a while reading the thing from cover to cover on the spot. About the only magazine that I do take the time to read cover to cover the moment I get it, which tells you something about my opinion about the magazine. (grin)

If you're a SF/F/H fan, it's a good source for what's coming, along with interviews and news & photos from the big conventions and events -- you get to see what a lot of authors look like.

If you're a SF/F/H writer, especially one who has never submitted anything anywhere, you'll learn some stuff about how the business works. And who's who.

To me, it's a perfect confluence -- and a necessary part of my writerly "pre-lab". (double-trouble-grin)

Anyway, you're welcome.

Dr. Phil

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