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The Towels (Part II)

When Last We Left You...

... I was talking about venturing forth to the Crystal Flash laundromat. Uh, been living here in Allendale too long. Forgot that Crystal Flash sold that station to Speedway a couple of years ago. But it still has the laundromat -- it's where we did laundry before we got the washer & dryer hooked up when we moved down here.

Anyway, the trip was done after lunch and it went pretty well.

The Pending Question From The Previous Post:

Meanwhile, I'll take the towels to the Crystal Flash laundromat and wash the soap out of them, then bring them home to the dryer. Wonder what a wash load costs these days? Should I even bother with quarters? (grin)

The answer is $2.25. Nine quarters. And yes, it takes quarters.

Fortunately I picked up a handful of quarters from a dish in the back bathroom -- where I sometimes dump change from my pockets -- and when I counted them out, I had nine. For the win!

Wow. $2.25 a load. $5.75 for the huge high capacity washers. Man, I remember when washers were... well, what the hell does it matter what the dorm charged in 1976? Or the laundromat in Calumet MI in the U.P. in 1984? Or Crystal Flash in 1991? Anyway, my sympathies to anyone who is using a laundromat in 2008. Seems that prorated for inflation, buying a washer and dryer is much cheaper today than twenty, thirty years ago. Just saying.

Still, we're grateful that there still are laundromats!

Things You Really Know

Lugged the wet towels in using the bottom part of a clear plastic Rubbermaid storage bin. It was really heavy. Amazing how efficient a spin cycle is -- those suckers were much less than half the weight afterward. Piece of cake to bring them home, where the dryer was still working.

Those who know me or who've read this blog for a while know that I am a big believer in serendipity. And while it is annoying that we won't do laundry this weekend, we can wait until Wednesday. Especially as I have a shopping bag from Roger's Big & Tall store in the bedroom with two new packages of underwear and several days worth of new shirts... Had to take advantage of a sale back in the end of May, but didn't need the new clothes just yet. I guess I was waiting for this weekend, when the washer would break.

Or something like that. (double-clutch-grin)

Dr. Phil

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