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Game Reset

Let's just remind everyone where we are. Today crude oil was selling for $135/bbl. Nationwide in America, regular gasoline is averaging above four bucks a gallon. It was $4.06.9/gal in Allendale MI, and three cents more in Kalamazoo. In Santa Rosa CA, gas was selling for $4.49.9/gal and diesel for $5.19.9/gal.

I Keep Warning You Guys And You Just Won't Listen

I realize that being a pundit on radio and TV is something of a spectator sport in this country and everyone has a damned opinion. My opinion is that there are some things you should not speak aloud, because it merely gives the enemy permission to do the unspeakable.

But They Didn't Ask Me. (sigh)

So Here It Comes

"They" are rumbling about oil jumping up to $200/bbl. And get this, not only are they talking about five dollar a gallon gas, they're talking about the price surging to $5/gal by the Fourth of July. That's in just a couple of weeks, folks.

The idiots are nuts. The idiots are wrong. People are already driving less and driving slower. And SUV sales have tanked. Except now the idiots have given the marketplace "permission" to run up the price. (double-sigh) It has nothing to do with supply and demand -- it never has. It's about speculation, pure and simple. And it's got to stop, because the world's economies cannot take it for long.

Oh, But Wait -- It Gets Better

Not content to predict five bucko gas, "they" continue on and say that gas will exceed six dollars a gallon by the end of the summer. $6/gal by Labor Day.

Even better it's an election year. Oh this is all so not good.

Repeat after me: There are dark things one should not talk about. Speak the words and the words become real. That's the power of the dark magic, Voldemort.

Dr. Phil

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