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A Passing?

Nope. He died.

Learned this morning that George Carlin died last night. Suffered (another) heart attack and drove himself to the hospital, or something like that. He was 71.

While every news outlet seems determined to bring up the subject of those seven damned words you can't say on air (grin) or the hippy-dippy weatherman, I shall remember other bits of Carlin.

Starting with his classic discussion of the difference between football and baseball. (huge-double-sport-grin)

His wonderful supporting character in Prince of Tides.

The surprising and downright decent appearance as Mr. Conductor in Shining Time Station with Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends -- which was more surprising, George Carlin or Ringo Starr?

Above all, the remarkable dependability that listening to a George Carlin routine, no matter how old, would make one laugh, smile... and think!

Sorry he won't get to show up for the Mark Twain honors.

Dr. Phil

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