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Today's Secret Ingredient Is...

Marshmallow Fluff

Growing up I mostly had cheese sandwiches for lunch. But peanut butter and Marhsmallow Fluff -- the classic Fluffernutter -- was something I also enjoyed. One time when we were on vacation visiting relatives, an aunt introduced us to the "open-faced Fluffernutter", which is both delicious and delightfully messy, the perfect kid's food. Fun. As an adult I still mostly eat cheese sandwiches for lunch, but the only containers of Marshmallow Fluff I've seen in stores have been these plastic "vats" -- smaller sizes are available from the Kraft Marshmallow Cream, but that's not the Real Product and shall not be mentioned here again -- but I've resisted buying because at my age (and size), just how much Fluff do I need? (grin)

Enter The Leftovers

I buy cookies for my Physics students when I give exams. Cheap ones for the hour exams, name brands for final exams. Sometimes we get them a box of Nilla wafers and I bring the remainders home. Mrs. Dr. Phil came out one time with some Nilla wafers and a couple of individually wrapped squares of extra dark chocolate (70%?). We stacked the chocolate on the Nilla wafers and marveled at how much they reminded us of s'mores, the classic camp and grilling treat. I observed that if one had some Fluff, one could get the whole s'mores effect without open flame.

Then Mrs. Dr. Phil had a need to bring a break treat to work and didn't want to spend a lot of time baking something. I reminded her of my idea of the "No-Bake S'more" and told her that I'd go to the grocery store and buy supplies. Finally an excuse to buy Fluff! And the classic package of six flat Hershey bars were on sale, with both milk chocolate and Special Dark chocolate, so I got one pack of each, plus two boxes of Nilla wafers. You wouldn't want to run out.

Since it's summer, there weren't a lot of people about, but the feedback Mrs. Dr. Phil got was pretty positive. These are fun. And unexpected. One person took the concept home and introduced it to their children and grandchildren, pronouncing the No-Bake S'more very kid friendly.

Yay summer!
No-Bake S'mores

Nabisco Nilla Vanilla Wafer cookies
Hershey's Chocolate bars -- flat with squares
  milk chocolate or Special Dark
Marshmallow Fluff

Stack the ingredients in any order or quantity.  I'd try one Nilla wafer,
flat side up, coated in Fluff with a chocolate square on top to start. 
But you could make a two wafer sandwich with Fluff on both wafers and 
chocolate in between so it doesn't squirt out.



(1) No doubt this is not an original idea -- it's too easy and too obvious. I don't care. I invented it. In 2008. Th-bbbbt! (grin)

(2) I didn't actually get any of this batch, since the Nilla wafers stayed at the GVSU Library. But Mrs. Dr. Phil did bring home a small container of Fluff from the "vat". Guess what I just had for lunch. Uh-huh. Jealous, aren't you?

(3) There also appears to be a National S'mores Day on August 11th. I'll be at the Writers of the Future workshop on Monday 11 August 2008. I was planning on sending ahead a box of things, so I won't be overweight on the luggage. Perhaps I'll include supplies for a National S'mores Day celebration. (grin)

Dr. Phil

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