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Flash Alert For Authors

A Second Use For Spam

I've previously written about a practical use for Spam e-mails, namely using the names of the "senders" to populate the crew of a whole Fleet warship for a story. Now I've found a second.

Weird Tales has announced a contest for submitting 500 word flash fiction based on the fake headlines of SPAM. The deadline is short: 9am Monday 4 August 2008. Presumably this is Eastern Daylight Time. You can submit up to three entries. They even have links to sites with Spam headlines, in case you've deleted all yours. (grin)

This is too good to be true -- we must flood them with entries! Use the Force of Spam for Good! It's the only way!



Thanks to jeffsoesbe, in whose LJ I found out about the Weird Tales contest.

Dr. Phil

UPDATE 4 August 2008: Alas, though I had an idea for a submission, I was visiting a college buddy yesterday and got back home around 3am -- and got up just about at the expiration time. So no entry from Dr. Phil. (grin)

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