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Fall 2008 Teaching

For Any Dr. Phil Students Out There

Technically I am still waiting for "the letter", but that's just paperwork. I will be teaching three classes for Fall 2008:

PHYS-2070 MTWRF 11:00-11:50am 1104 Rood
PHYS-1070 MTWRF Noon -12:50pm 1104 Rood
PHYS-1060  T R   3:30- 4:45pm 1104 Rood

So if you had PHYS-2050 Honors in Spring 2008 or PHYS-2050 in Summer 2008, and need to take PHYS-2070, you can either choose me or avoid Dr. Phil. (grin)

More information will be posted on my WMU website.

Classes start Tuesday 2 September 2008.

See ya.

Dr. Phil
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