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WOTF Day 5/6


Al Bogdan and I got back to the hotel around 3am PDT from the Event and then hung around with others for another hour or so. Pretty amazing experience. The tux, of course, did not fit. Fortunately, I had a backup plan which eventually worked. I mean, how often do you get to be a guest at a real red carpet event? This is Hollywood, baby. (grin)

Much more to come -- there will be all sorts of things to link to and see/read, etc. But Writers of the Future Volume XXIV is officially released -- and "A Man in the Moon" by Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon is the first story in the book.


It's winter in Australia and the Australian contingent seems to have managed to bring a cold with them and now I'm getting it. (grin) Anyway, this is being composed on a free terminal in the hotel, so I'll jump off quickly. Just wanted to say Hi and I'll be back uploading stuff on Monday or Tuesday.

Dr. Phil

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