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It's Bad Enough...

... to have an experience like the WOTF workshop, bonding with an insanely brilliant bunch of writers, and then suddenly have to go home and face a screenfull of work piling up. Alone. At least as far as the writing goes.

But It's Almost Over, Too

Haven't commented on the 2008 Summer Olympics, but as a certified Olympics junkie of both Summer and Winter Games, it is heartbreaking to see the distance runners and the men's marathon on the screen, because it heralds the End Of The Games. Too soon, always too soon. (grin)

This year was weird because I spent over a week at the WOTF workshop right smack in the first week of the Olympics. Of course it did solve the "you're at a conference in a hotel room and what can you watch on the TV or put on for background noise because they don't have the same channels you have at home" problem. Digital NBC in HDTV on a wide flat screen in the room -- not bad. In the mornings, while getting ready, there was usually stuff on USA and MSNBC cable channels.

One morning albogdan and I were entertained by the Serbia versus Croatia men's water polo match -- eek!

So actually, I caught most of the Michael Phelps Run For Eight, except for the swim where it looked at first like he finished second. Haven't seen more than a few seconds of any of the equestrian events. Same with the sailing. Only saw the USA women's eight finish for the gold -- was there any kayaking or whitewater events? Saw no shooting or archery. A few table tennis matches, a few minutes of badminton, switched away from tennis -- too much like watching the pros. Saw some team handball. No wrestling, a little boxing -- saw pictures from the martial arts.

At Some Point You Have To Play The Game(s)

Never were truer words spoken. The key part of a relay race is the handoff of the baton. No team, no champion is guaranteed a gold medal.

And yet... some people are so happy just to be there. Just to finish. Just to compete. It makes all the nationalizing by NBC, all the hype, all the dissing of minor sports -- all of it is worth it just to watch those athletes who are just happy.

I Love The Olympics

What will we do with all these hours next week?

Dr. Phil

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