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Hours And Hours... Of Nothing

I'm Not Alleging A Conspiracy Here Folks, But...

All evening we've tried to switch away from the chattering heads ignoring most of the Democratic Convention on MSNBC, etc., and go to C-SPAN. Alas, C-SPAN and C-SPAN2 have been framelocked since at least 6pm. The local cable company has failed to notice that their digital signal isn't working on those, and only those, two channels. Funny that, here in conservative West Michigan, and just on the last night of this convention, the night of Obama's Big Speech. (grin)

Actually, most nights we'll watch Keith Olbermann's Countdown for news and humor. But their wall-to-wall coverage has ended up been endless interviews and analysis, and very little of all the convention, to the point where the convention looks fragmented. Another blogger, don't remember who, commented that switching to C-SPAN makes it all coherent because they just cover events. Dammit, I keep forgetting about C-SPAN. Alas, that route is blocked for us tonight. (evil grin)

However, I'm hoping C-SPAN is back online when the RNC convention comes, because the convention coverage I remember in days of yore showed a LOT of the procedural stuff and the parade of speakers who organize and keep the energy in the hall up.

I think it's a lot like my comments about the Olympics coverage. Too much focus on the few, too much side stories and too little concentration on the hugeness of the Olympics.

There, I've had my complaint for the night.

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