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Hey -- It's Books!

Author Copies

UPS dropped a box on our porch today -- Thanks, Jason at Galaxy Press! It's my dozen author's copies of L. Ron Hubbard Presents: Writers of the Future Volume XXIV. I had enough stuff to ship back from L.A., so I didn't try to grab my dozen from the Event and then have to ship them myself. The contract specifies WOTF had to give me a dozen copies and they were happy to ship them to me. (grin)

In case you're counting, there are only eleven in this pile. One went to Mrs. Dr. Phil already, and I didn't want to ask for it back. (special-grin)

Don't Ask

As for meting out the dozen books, I've got a lot of family, friends and first readers out there, so sorry if you thought you might write and beg me for a copy. On the bright side, the book comes out on September 8th and at US$7.99 list, it's a steal with all the quality writing in it. No, really. I read the book starting on the flights home from L.A. and there's not a dud in the book. And I'm not saying that because I love all these people. It's that good.

Of course next year you could go to the 25th Anniversary WOTF event and get your own launch copy. (grin) Or better yet, submit a winning story and get your own pile of author's copies.

Dr. Phil
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