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August is the month for tomato sandwiches and peaches. And here as we hit the last days of August, it continues. But the ante has been raised.

I Give You The Red Haven Peaches

When we first came down to West Michigan, we had some nice peaches. But the we stumbled upon the Red Haven. As I understand it, the Red Havens are an older variety and pretty much the perfect peach. The trouble is, with older trees, lower yields and being lovely delicate creatures which don't travel well, the Red Havens are disappearing around here.

A couple of years ago the orchards were trying to push Glow Havens and Red Furies on us. The last two or three years we found Flaming Furies, which are pretty good peaches. But Friday Mrs. Dr. Phil came home with a half peck of real Red Havens.

Mmmm. If you lean closer to the screen, perhaps you can smell the lovely scent of Red Havens...

Dr. Phil

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