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The Sound of Three Necks Snapping at Once

Today's Adventure Is Brought To You By...

Dr. Phil's Sister Wendy, aka wendyb_09, trundled off to the Decatur (GA) Book Fair this weekend and attended a panel with authors John Scalzi, Cherie Priest, Tobias Buckell and Kevin J. Anderson. Scalzi and Buckell are old hands at ConFusion every January, Ms. Priest is a regular commenter on Scalzi's blog Whatever, and Kevin J. Anderson I just met at the WOTF workshop and event.

Where Mr. Anderson presented the WOTF authors with packages of Paul of Dune Gummi worms advertising the next book in the Dune prequel series. No, really:

11:15am - 12:00pm: Young Ones to Watch

L to R: John Scalzi, Cherie Priest, Tobias Buckell, Kevin J. Anderson, Some Guy.

Well This Is Amusing

But on our somewhat weekly phone call -- gobs of weekend minutes on the cell phone are really an amusing thing to have -- Wendy regaled me with the story of the book signing, where she had things for John and Tobias to sign. (And totally spaced on Kevin's half-authorship of all these Dune prequel books.) I guess she was explaining how her brother had turned our family onto John Scalzi's books and she'd gotten Tobias Buckell's "Crystal Rain" for Christmas from us.

"And do I know your brother?" she was asked. "Well, he's Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon..." And apparently three heads (John, Tobias and Kevin at the very least) snapped in Wendy's direction and all at once said, "dr_phil_physics!"

And Kevin J. Anderson explained how he'd just been at WOTF and that we'd sat at the same table at the dinner before the WOTF Event. He also said he was waiting to see what else I'd write and Wendy indicated that she was shoving me as hard as she could -- or something like that. What? You think I'm working from a transcript? Come on, this is an I-Are-Famous moment and on my blog, so it's my version. (grin)

Anyway, it's a fun moment.

And A Shout Out To Marjorie!

Fellow 2004 Clarion classmate and best-selling paranormal romance author Marjorie M. Liu webpetals's latest book is "The Iron Hunt". Wendy found it right next to a freaking Best Seller sign at an Atlanta Borders Books. Cool.

The quest for World Domination Through Science Fiction by the 2004 Clarion class continues. And that's enough for a post.

Dr. Phil

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