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I thought I was done blogging for the weekend, when I settled into tonight's episode of At The Movies on our local Channel 13...

Siskel & Ebert

Starting from a PBS show in Chicago, Gene Siskel of the Chicago Tribune and Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times sat across the aisle from each other and fought for good movies and sometimes fought against each other for many years. Siskel's brain tumor ended the perfect pairings of critics and Ebert soldiered on with a number of replacements -- and competitor's shows -- over the years. More recently, Ebert's own health has caused him to withdraw from the TV scene, though he is still writing about movies. Ebert & Roeper was the latest incarnation of At The Movies, until tonight.

Who Are These Guys?

Well, one is the son of Jeffrey Lyons, someone I've heard for years (the father, that is). The other guy? Who knows. And then they reviewed Babylon A.D.. Or rather one of them did. His verdict? "Skip it."

Now frankly I don't care whether paid critics agree with my review opinions about Babylon A.D. or any other movie. For one thing, my criteria are different, especially for a SF action film. But why only one opinion?

No, they've got three more talking heads to bring in and the next thing you know, there's a full blown cocktail party argument going, with all these people talking at once. On video screens.


This is compelling television? No, it's a mess. And shame on you guys for pretending that this is At The Movies. I am not watching this amateur half-hour again. Period.

At The Movies Has Jumped The Shark
Skip It / Forget It / Hope It Goes Away

And that's my opinion.

Dr. Phil

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