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Gas Hilarity Ensues

It's Been A While...

... since I've carped about gasoline prices. After the debacle of over-four-dollar gas this summer, we made it through Labor Day without much change in prices -- proof to me that they are high enough / too high. (grin) However, this carp-free period comes to an end today.

Decision Point

Normally I get gas every two days. But since the last fill was on the weekend, I could've opted for filling this morning. However, running a bit late I decided to either get gas this evening or eke it out until tomorrow morning.

Executive Decision

But around 9:09am EDT, Scott Winters on WOOD-AM radio said that they'd heard gas was going to be jumping by about thirty cents a gallon -- supposedly due to uncertainty about where Hurricane Ike was heading after it finished shredding Cuba from end to end. Nice. Anyway, the next "big" exit on US-131 south was Exit 64 -- Wayland. There the new Shell station was running $3.68.9/gal for regular... about what it was in Allendale and Kalamazoo yesterday. As I started filling, I mentioned to the woman filling on the other side of the pump what I'd heard on the radio and she motioned behind me. "The gas station over there is already at $3.95." And indeed it was.


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