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I Hate Being Manipulated, But...

Once Again

It was just Tuesday when I posted about warnings to fill up your gas before the price surge, and sure enough, surge the prices did. Then receded a bit. Now with Hurricane Ike in the process of slapping Texas as I write this, this morning's warnings were about the shutdown of the Houston refineries. So though I gassed up on Thursday morning, I did so again here on Friday morning. $3.87.9/gal for seven-plus gallons.

Kalamazoo was pretty much the same when I got there -- but as I left work around four p.m., gas had jumped up more than twenty cents to $4.09.9/gal for regular.


By the time I got to Allendale, there was another of these end-of-the-world gas lines at the Speedway on the east edge of the township. Gas was still $3.88.9/gal. Was this Speedway station perhaps the last to jump price? No. The Mobil and the Admiral stations in town were both still $3.88.9 and the Family Failure was $3.87.9/gal. None of those three seemed to have particularly long lines.

Usually it's the Admiral which gets the ridiculous gas lines, which is bad because they're on a busy intersection. Speedway is on the main road, but the side street is just that, so there's room for cars to loop around and sit stopped in the middle of a 55mph highway.

Late Evening Report

My sister wendyb_09 reported 15-33 cents per gallon jumps in and around Atlanta today. MSNBC was saying that prices in what I assume were tourist parts of Orlando FL hit $5.49/gal.

Gouging or reasonable anticipations? You be the judge. But you know that I sort of side with the folks who point out it's the same damn gas in the underground tank. And that prices never drop as fast as they rise.

No news there. Why do I bother? (sad-grin)

Dr. Phil

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