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And Then The Rains Fell

Huh, Rain

September dawned with a singular heat wave, the hottest day of the summer. Since then, we had some days in the high 70s/low 80s, then some Fall jacket days with highs in the 60s and now the temp has been in the low 70s for a couple of days. Despite a couple of nights of lows in the 40s and one night where it got to 37degF by our house, we've been humid and foggy overnight at around the dewpoint for a week.

Yesterday it rained on and off all day, and that continued into a very soggy Saturday. When I went out at noon to sent some things via the post, the low spot in our driveway was about as filled as water as I've ever seen.

This Is Nothin'

Of course I'm merely reporting about the coolish, damp weather. I am not complaining. Not when the 2008 hurricane season has been bashing the Southeast up and down and around the coasts. Not when Ike flooded up Galveston and Houston and is still a potent rain force. That's real destruction going on.

Now a tropical storm, Ike will continue inland and up the Mississippi and Ohio valleys, to be a big messy Low. The current storm track, admittedly several days out, shows the Low passing south of us, but Allendale is in the 3"+ band and Kalamazoo in the 4"+ band. That's still nothing compared to what say Louisiana is enduring, but with the current rain, there'll be some strongly saturated ground and local floodings.

Of Concern

I've relatives in Texas and one cousin in particular living in Houston. She's only recently had another child and I worry about whether they have evacuated to other family, or if they're sitting in the dark along with four million other Houstonites.

And may the brave men and women of the United States Coast Guard keep themselves safe, even as they conduct their business along the mess.

Half a continent away isn't far enough to relegate this to "just news".

Dr. Phil

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