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Spoke Too Soon?


Local TV is reporting an actual tornado on the ground in the viewing area -- I guess the affected warning area is Kalamazoo to Battle Creek, south of us. The local TV stations get excited quite a bit with strong weather, but we don't get too many tornado strikes on the ground in West Michigan. The lake tends to force storm tracks around. This one, however, seems to be going straight from west to east.

(sotto voce) Gouging (/sotto voce)

The New York Times says, "Gasoline prices rose Saturday by an average of five cents a gallon across the country..."

At Noon-thirty gas prices in Allendale had remained at $3.88.9/gal, as they'd been yesterday. Four hours later, Mrs. Dr. Phil swung by the grocery store and reported that the big three gas stations were all at $4.19.9/gal.

Yup. Thirty-one cents in four hours. Nothing wrong here, nothing to see. Can't be gouging if "everyone is doing it" I can imagine them saying. Latest I heard was that though the refineries can't refine on generators alone, they are expecting to get local, then regional distribution of gasoline up on generator power "shortly".

Watching CNN Developing Story

A woman from the NTSB is talking to the press about the Los Angeles train crash yesterday between a Metrolink commuter train and an Union Pacific freight train. The press is trying to tell her information that other people are saying, and she's saying No, That's Not How We Do Things. The NTSB is gathering their own information and will do their own interviews and accept reports from Metrolink, et al. "This is part of our process."

What she probably really wants to say is, "Don't try to do our job for us -- you're no good at it." (grin)

Dr. Phil

PS- "Los Angeles" isn't in LJ's spellchecker?

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