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Monday Miscellaneous

All The Gas Stations, They Be The Same

In a remarkable coincidence, and one clearly not involving anything like gouging or collusion, every gas station I saw on this morning's drive in was $4.19.9/gal. Wow -- how did they know? And to think that just last week, regular in Kalamazoo was going for $3.68.9/gal -- only fifty-one cents a gallon cheaper.

Ike Remnants -- SALE!

The storm which had once been Hurricane Ike ran through the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley yesterday. Looks like supersaturated Chicago got hit with a lot of flooding -- even reversing the flow of the Chicago River (would that be to its original direction?) couldn't bring levels back down quickly enough. Reports from Kalamazoo reported some flooding on the other side of the city from the WMU campus. Ten or more inches of rain. There's some concern that a slug of water coming from Lansing may flood the Grand River in parts of Grand Rapids, but that shouldn't bother us too much, unless the bridges become suspect.

Houston Update

My cousin in Houston and her family seem to have weathered okay so far. A neighbor decided to (a) leave afterwards and (b) lend them their generator. Of course, gas supplies seem to be low right now. She heard that I'd expressed concern on this blog for their safety and thought it "was sweet". To me, staying in town and waiting for a hurricane, blackouts, and taking random damage for granted invokes another s-word, but I'll play nice today.

And The Book?

Not sure when the Writers of the Future Volume XXIV actually is available for sale in bookstores. had it listed for last Monday, but obviously that didn't happen. We've heard it'll be in October, but nothing definite. Meanwhile, I clipped this still from the Event highlights video:

See? I really was at a Hollywood event with real celebrities!

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