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Enough of the Fuzzy Thinking!

Fuzzy Math

There's an e-mail going 'round the Internets, I gather, with a proposal to scrap the $85 billion bailout of AIG insurance, on the basis that the bastards don't deserve to be saved, and instead divvy up the money to all the adults in the U.S. and stimulate the damned economy in a big way. The author figures on 200,000,000 adults over 18, which would result in a one-time payment of $425,000. Everyone would pay taxes on it, returning money to the Treasury. You'd pay off your mortgage or buy a house with cash -- mortgage crisis solved by eliminating mortgages. Everybody wins, even the out of work people from Lehman Brothers.

The e-mail even made fun of a certain presidential candidate's paltry $1000 economic stimulus rebate proposal. Yeah, and we all remember spending the last economic stimulus on gasoline.

The only problem is... $85,000,000,000 ÷ 200,000,000 = $425. Yeah, I know. I'm sorry, too. I already had $183,276.48 of my new money spent. Math sucks.

Fuzzy Logic

It's so damned easy to check the basic mathematical operation of $85,000,000,000 ÷ 200,000,000 = $425 that I find myself channeling my inner conspiracy nut. What if this isn't just some bad math, but an attempt to rile up The People and bitch to their politicians? Imagine the poor staffers on the phones trying to tell The People that "Sorry, you're wrong about that."

Boy, that would make a great West Wing episode. Except, I'm not really laughing.

Fuzzy Smells

The air here in the Dr. Phil House is still redolent with the sharp-but-not-quite-unpleasant tang of Really Fresh Skunk from over ninety minutes ago. Some people really hate skunk, but fortunately living out here in the country, Mrs. Dr. Phil and I both find it just part of the smells of nature. But it has its places, especially out in the road while you're driving -- here, there, gone. This skunking is just on the border of overstaying its welcome.

As is this economic stupidity. (grin)

Dr. Phil

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