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While Congress Burns The Midnight Oils...

No Gas

Dr. Phil's sister, wendyb_09, reports from Atlanta that gasoline supplies are running low there. That she hasn't had a car in a number of years finally turns out to be an advantage. She did note that one of the stations near I-85 had prices posted on the side of the sign facing the neighborhood, but no prices on the I-85 side -- presumably suggesting to people to not bother with getting off the freeway because they didn't have gas, when in fact they did.

NO Gas

In Greensboro NC, Dr. Phil's parents went out for some weekend errands, and with the tank low, Daddy thought to get gas at one of the two stations on the east side of Friendly Center. Alas, both had signs on the pumps saying NO GAS. Later in the day they went out to Fresh Market and along the way found a new BP station which seemed to have gas -- Mother wasn't sure if they were limiting to 10 gallons, but they were doing pre-pay only. However, they won't need gas for a while.


Which brings me to late Sunday afternoon. I had just settled into a chair in the living room, leaving one of the NFL games nattering on in the background, wrapped myself up in a fleece blanket (thank you, Oak Park nephews!) and was dozing off when there was a knock on the front door. By the time I got to the garage, I could see this car down at the end of the driveway, but then this voice came around from the porch. Seems that a woman who lives over on 108th Avenue had run out of gas and was just able to pull in our driveway. She wanted to use the phone, but hell, I still had a good half a gallon or so in the plastic gas can for the wheeled string trimmer, so I told her it'd be faster for me to just splash what I had in the gas tank.

Of course, if you try to do a fast job, you don't aways get a great result. I hadn't taken the time to turn the nozzle around so it would drain more gas down into a car filler pipe -- once done it took a moment to recharge the whole gas line to where the fuel pumps could deliver gasoline properly to the engine. She commented that she'd never tested to see where "E" really was on her gas gauge. I pointed out that if you plan on doing the run-out-of-gas test, you're supposed to carry a gas can with you -- we had a good laugh at that.

The woman asked if I liked bread-and-butter pickles -- she offered money but I told her to skip it. She asked which mailbox was our, but then realized after the second splash of gas that she had a jar with her. So now I've got pickles. Could be a fair trade, I reckon.

No Gas?

Of course, as I resumed my nap, I had a fleeting thought from my overactive brain that maybe Allendale was out of gas, though we aren't on the distribution lines that the southeast uses, and that somehow this woman was trying to someone to give her their last lawnmower gas -- but that's stupid

Last week I was bemoaning that the Allendale gas stations were fifteen cents above the $3.69.9/gal Kalamazoo had. This morning the Allendale stations were at $3.69.9/gal. Of course, the K-zoo Shell and Amoco on West Main were at $3.59.9/gal. Woo-hoo! The unwarranted differential is down to a dime! Difficult to explain that away as either a Hurricane Ike or Wall Street meltdown effect.

That and the government trying to spend out $750,000,000,000.00 that we don't have means Happy Days Are Here Again!

Dr. Phil

PS -- Is anyone else tired of "America's Money Crisis" as a label? It's not my crisis, it's theirs and I wish they'd just own it.

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