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A Passing Fad

Columbus Day = End of Indian Summer?

There's some symbolism there I don't think I want to go into right now. But after a week with lows in the 40s, and a frost or two, and highs in the 50s and some 60s, we ended up with a glorious high hazy blue sky weekend of 70s to low 80s. It's 11:30 at night and the outside temp is still 70degF and muggy -- warmer in the house and so I put on the A.C. in the bedroom to cool it down and dry it out a bit. Especially as we've switched from the summer quilt to the fall quilt. (grin)

End result -- suddenly we have autumn colors. The yellows, oranges and golds along US-131 on the way home with the low sun, just spectacular. I love fall.

Can't Find the Internet

Twenty-four hours ago I came back upstairs from putting the kitties to bed and when I unlocked the laptop, it wouldn't connect to anywhere. Said it had a connection to the WiFi, etc., just no web. Repaired the connection, rebooted the DSL modem, rebooted the laptop -- nope. Checked a PDA -- nope. Tonight, same thing. Had to reboot the router stack by shutting off the UPS unit in the bedroom, which is why I didn't try it late last night, since the thing screams when you either lose power or turn it off.

This has happened before, and I suppose I can classify it as fixable, but you have to try all these lesser things first, so it wastes time. And I'm too stacked up with a backlog of work to feel happy about wasting time.

But then I realize -- who does? (grin)

DJIA Up 962 Today

Yup. Just another passing fad.

Dr. Phil

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