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Autumn Release 2008.1

Sigh -- Just Not Taking The Time

I carry a small Sony digital camera with me, but don't take nearly enough pictures with it. Of course, there's only so much wallpaper you can put on a PC (grin), and taking the same route day after day doesn't present enough really good opportunities -- or else it'd be massive amounts of some sort of Project called Dr. Phil's Really Long Commute, which probably wouldn't be of interest to too many people.

But The Colors!

Last weekend, driving to/fro Port Huron MI, the combination of the sun and blue skies made for eye-popping fall colors. Just the week before the leaves were thinking of changing and then suddenly it's all these great yellows and golds and oranges and reds. Much better colors than last year. On Monday, I realized that the weather changes had coaxed fall color season here in West Michigan, too. By Wednesday, I realized that though there was still some green trees and a lot of greens sprinkled in some of the colors, that there were an increasing number of bare trees showing up.

The great fall colors of 2008 were going, going, going fast.

My Drive

About a third of the way home, there's this neat little lake. So Thursday I snapped one picture from the road. Alas, the tinted window was rolled up and there's motion blur plus some focus issues -- should've set the camera to infinity -- but it gives you a little taste of one of the prettier bits of my commute:

Deer Camouflage

Today I was driving home from the P.O. Box -- nice comment from Sheila Williams at Asimov's saying my "story is nicely done" before rejecting it (grin) -- when I had to stop and turn around. I don't do that enough, always pushing onward all the damned time. But there was this great field of dried field corn with some trees beyond it, and I went back for a picture:

Go You Northwestern...

So now I'm setting up this LJ entry, and have ESPN2 burbling on in the background as Northwestern beats Purdue in Evanston for the NU Homecoming, 48-26. And I have some very attractive new wallpapers, too.

Dr. Phil

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