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An Unexpected Development

Guess I Have To Move One From The Rejection Column To The Win Column

Back at the end of November 2007, Nick Mamatas nihilistic_kid wrote on his blog about Ennea, the weekly comics and fiction insert of Eleftherotypia, the Greek newspaper that represents the left wing of the social democratic party PASOK. In May 2008, Nick wrote about Ennea again, wondering why more people aren't sending their short SF across the seas to Greece.

So I sent a story I had lying around and waited. Nick suggested waiting three months -- they don't send rejections, just an invoice to request a check after they run it (grin) -- and I waited five months. Called it Presumed Rejected.

Dr. Phil Published In The Original Greek?

Which leads us to today's email and a 158-day SALE of "The Uranium Age" to Εννέα (Nine).

Dear Mr Kaldon,

We published your story THE URANIUM AGE in issue # 421 (3/9/08 ). According to our rates (3 EUROcents per word) your fee for the publication rights of the abovementioned storie is 56 EUROS.

You will find attached an invoice for the amount of 70 EUROS (70 - 14 = 56 - we cover for you a 20% tax).

Ha! My first foreign print publication and my first work in translation.

Thanks, Nick!

Dr. Phil
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